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A large array of information contains the article section. Here are collected materials on the subject of construction, facing materials. Everything related to construction, from foundations to roofing, installation of hinged facades and cladding with various materials. Thematic articles on various topics related to construction, building materials, cladding.


Facing the house with Lithos brick.

The appearance of your future home directly depends on the previously selected facing material. You can argue for a long

Ode to an unknown mason

In a white apron, a bricklayer, a bricklayer. What are you building? - Houses. Every day, without interruption and rest,

Fireplaces. An unimaginable number of shapes, styles, sizes.

The individuality of fireplaces, their appearance is of great importance. Fireplaces can be very diverse - strict forms, simple and


Do you think there is a fashion for building materials, if so, what is relevant today? Exploring the market for

Brick facing, as a finishing material.

Facing brick is a building element intended for decorating various facades of buildings and facing the exterior of buildings. Various

Brickwork lithos in the interior.

In order to create an original and unique interior indoors in the form of front (bare) brickwork, Litos building facing

Brick Litos in new types and modifications, new colors, textures.