Paving slabs Litos

Paving slabs Litos

Фото старый город

One of the most popular ways of manufacturing paving slabs is vibrocompression technology. This method of production has both supporters and opponents among buyers. Positive aspects are high strength, frost resistance, wear resistance. Vibropressed tiles have a rough front surface, which prevents slipping on such a surface, this is especially true in winter. As a matter of fact the vibrocast tile is a concrete product, from here and high parameters of durability and wear resistance. Bright and saturated colors of a large selection are obtained by adding dyes of various shades. The main disadvantage of this type of tile is its high cost in relation to other types of tiles made in other ways.

Vibrocompression technology involves a small use of water in production, which leads to a more durable material as a result. At the same time, the porous structure of the finished product passes moisture well and it does not linger on the surface at any time of the year, and this does not lead to destructive consequences for the tile. High temperatures in the warm season also do not have a detrimental effect on the tile, it does not become soft.

Method for manufacturing vibropressed tiles

The method of manufacturing using vibrocompression is that the concrete mixture is vibrated in a mold under pressure, which makes a vibropress. This method allows you to get two bad tiles. The manufacturing process is divided into several stages. At the beginning of production, a concrete mixture is obtained, with the help of a concrete mixer, the finished mixture is placed in a vibropress.

To begin with, a concrete mixture is made. The proportions are observed individually, depending on the manufacturing technology of this product. The addition of various impurities is individual, it all depends on the individual method of this production. After the mixture is made, it is loaded into the vibropress matrix.

Next comes the process of direct manufacturing, the formation of the future product. The matrix is ​​fed to the vibropress and under the action of the vibrators, the product is compacted. This stage does not take much time, then the products are fed to the next stage of the manufacturing process.

This is the final stage in the process of manufacturing vibropressed paving slabs. Products are sprayed with warm steam and / or dried in a natural way, and after final hardening, the products are packed in a warehouse or prepared for shipment to the buyer.

Tile "Paving stones"

Paving slabs can have various shapes and thicknesses. One of the options is called “Paving stone” has a rectangular shape, different colors of the front surface.

The type of tile “Paving stones” has two main sizes, thickness 60 mm and 40 mm.

When ordering a batch of tiles, it is possible to select the color of the front surface from the proposed options.

The thickness of paving slabs of 40 millimeters is mainly used in the arrangement of sidewalks, garden paths, pedestrian areas. A thickness of 60 millimeters is used in cases where a large load is possible, such as car parking areas.

Tile "Old Town"

Another type of paving slab is the “Old Town”. Such a tile consists of elements of different sizes, which are folded into the required pattern.

This type of tile is made in two standard sizes. The first one is 40mm thick and the second one is 60mm thick. The color scheme has a wide range of shades. This type of tile is unique in its kind for demanding customers who want to have an original design in their yard and beyond.

The main advantage of the “Old Town” is the ability to create your own unique pattern and color combination, all this can be ordered individually, respectively, the tile laying master will make your dreams and fantasies come true.

Paving slabs "Arch"

One of the forms of paving slabs has the shape of an arch and, accordingly, the same name. This type of tile has an original appearance and looks great in the finished array. Available in 60mm thickness only.

“Arch” has an original and unique appearance. Can be produced in various colors.

Sidewalk curb

Arrangement of the local area, footpaths and other areas where paving is needed is not complete without a fence (limiters). This function is taken over by a sidewalk curb or curb. It has a size in millimeters, length 650, height 220, thickness 65. It is made in different colors to order.

The curb is made from the same materials as paving slabs and the same production technology is used. Designed for decoration.

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