House projects

House projects

Any construction begins with a drawing, a diagram, or as it is now called a project. House projects are a set of drawings that regulate the construction procedure, norms, tolerances, materials used, communications, design elements, and so on.

Family small cottage. The house consists of a dozen rooms for various purposes. Main living rooms, utility rooms. The house is divided into two parts – a bedroom and a living room, each has its own bathroom. node.

The construction of walls from gas blocks or ceramic blocks, cladding allows the use of facing bricks of a standard or narrow size. Overlappings are made in a monolithic way from concrete. Roofing can be performed both from metal tiles and soft roofing.

The house consists of the following rooms:

  • Small entrance hall 4.58 m²
  • Hall 7.16 m²
  • Bathroom 5.29 m²
  • Kitchen 10.90 m²
  • Living room 12.16 m²
  • Furnace 6.48 m²
  • Bedroom 12.00 m²
  • Bedroom 12.00 m²
  • Bedroom 15.00 m²
  • Porch 2,10 m²                                                                                                     The total area is – 86.67 m²                             

Single storey family cottage. The house consists of ten rooms. Three bedrooms, living room, one bathroom, hall, wardrobe, furnace, kitchen, garage. There is also a small porch and vestibule.

The construction of the main walls is possible from aerated concrete blocks, ceramic blocks. Facing wall materials can be used in cladding. Roofing is carried out using a soft roof or metal tiles, in general, almost any roofing material is applicable. The roof project is quite simple, and in this regard, almost any material can be used.

The building has the following area of rooms:

  • Living room – 26 m²
  • Kitchen – 18 m²
  • Bedroom – 16.44 m²
  • Bedroom – 16.20 m²
  • Bedroom – 16.50 m²
  • Hall – 22.74 m²
  • Garage – 23.82 m²
  • Tambour – 4.75 m²
  • Bathroom – 8.12 m²
  • Wardrobe – 13.00 m²
  • Veranda – 10.78 m²
  • Boiler room – 6.8 m²                                                                                     The total area of the house is 183 m².

Cozy cottage for an ordinary family. The convenient location of the rooms in the house will allow the owners to feel most comfortable in their home. the location has a living room, bedrooms, bathroom, garage, hall.

This building is available for construction from aerated concrete blocks, followed by brick cladding, it is possible to use ceramic large-format blocks and also use brick facing materials. A very simple and uncomplicated roof, can be made of almost any material.

The house has the following rooms:

  • Bedroom No. 1 – 11.74 m²
  • Bedroom No. 2 – 14.55 m²
  • Bedroom No. 3 – 9.51 m²
  • Hall – 28.66 m²
  • Garage – 21.56 m²
  • Living room-kitchen – 28.66 m²
  • Furnace – 6.36 m²
  • Bathroom 6.04 m² and 1.67 m²

One-story cottage for an ordinary family. One-story cottages are a symbol of prestige. One-story cottages have an undeniable advantage. the first of these is the variety of projects for construction.

Materials that can be used in the construction of such a house:

Aerated concrete blocks for main walls. Large-format ceramic block for load-bearing walls. Ordinary brick for the construction of the main walls. Facing is possible from facing bricks or decorative plaster. You can also apply a wide range of facing materials.

List of rooms in the house:

  • Terrace – 9.59 m²
  • Wardrobe – 5.10 m²
  • Bath 6.56 m²
  • Bathroom 2.01 m²
  • Boiler room 5.27 m²
  • Wardrobe 6.19 m²
  • Corridor 14.58 m²
  • Kitchen 21.40 m²
  • Living room 22.39 m²
  • Bedroom 16.01 m²
  • Bedroom 18.95 m²
  • Bedroom 15, 09 m²

Mansard house project. Comfortable, compact, multifunctional house for a small family. In the construction of a house, any wall materials intended for this can be used: aerated concrete block, brick, large-format wall block.

In the cladding, facing bricks can be used, both of a standard size, and its narrow types, including facing tiles.

List of rooms included in the house project:

  • Bedroom 15.7 m²
  • Bedroom 12.9 m²
  • Living room 19.3 m²
  • Workshop 10.5 m²
  • Garage 25.5 m²
  • Hall 7.9 m²
  • Kitchen 17.9 m²
  • Entrance hall 5.8 m²
  • Bathroom 8.1 m²

Useful information that will help a private developer to master the entire construction path.