Photo and video

Photo and video materials

The section of the site contains information on photographic and video materials about the products of the Lutugino plant of building materials Litos. Photos of finished housing constructions from Litos facing materials. Photos of fences, railings, architectural elements, various combinations of facing bricks with other building and facing materials. Lithos colors, traditional brick textures. Types and textures of new bricks. Video materials dedicated to the production and sale of facing materials Litos.

Houses and buildings made of brick Lithos

Photos of buildings and structures made of Lithos bricks. Various buildings lined with Lithos material

Fences and railings from Litos

Photo materials about fences and railings from Litos products.

Elements of architecture

Photos of various architectural forms, decor elements, unusual use of Litos facing materials.

Types and colors of masonry Lithos

The main options for textures and colors of facing materials Litos

Types of masonry Litos new

New types of Lithos bricks and applications in the form of ready-made masonry.

Video footage

Video about the Litos brick factory and its products.

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