Litos Fashion Brick

Assortment of the new Litos Fashion Brick product line

Brick Litos Litos Fashion Brick. New collection of brick products Litos

Фотография Кирпич Литос крафтовая фактура цвет беж
Litos Fashion Brick texture KRAFT

Litos Fashion Brick Kraft texture. Colors in single color.

Фотография Литос магма мюнхен
Litos Fashion Brick texture magma new collection

Litos Fashion Brick new colors in magma texture.

фото кирпич Литос амстердам
Litos Fashion Brick new collection smooth texture

Litos Fashion Brick smooth texture in the new Litos brick collection

Фотография Квадроблок Litos Fashion Brick Лондонбрик
Litos Fashion Brick quadroblocks texture magma

Litos Fashion Brick magma texture. Quadroblocks for the device of columns.

Magma texture Litos Fashion Brick

The texture of magma is a unique surface of the face brick Lithos. This texture is similar to volcanic magma, has a smooth and at the same time rough front surface of the Lithos brick.

The new product line Litos is produced only in a hollow version and has one front surface. At the request of the customer, you can order a brick with two front surfaces or more (here we mean two spoon front parts, a brick for fences and railings, or a brick for building columns with a front spoon and tychkovy, end part).

Specifications Litos Fashion Brick

Strength grade M 300

Moisture absorption 4.2 – 5%

Frost resistance F 150

Size – 250*120*65

Litos Fashion Brick magma texture

New types of Litos bricks are fundamentally different from the products of other manufacturers of brick products. Unusual appearance, in which each brick is a unique element of the structure, has an individual color and unique texture.

Londonbrick magma
Amsterdam magma
Citybrick magma
Black magma
Munich magma

Original color schemes combined with an unusual texture gives a special zest to this type of product.

Litos Fashion Brick smooth texture

Color solutions suitable for the construction of any objects from the cladding of the house to the arrangement of the fireplace. The combination of several colors in one product is ideal for creating a unique architecture.

фотография кирпич литос толеда гладкий
Londonbrick smooth
Фотография амстердам новый кирпич Литос
Amsterdam smooth

Beige smooth

Фото кирпич Литос новый
Citybrick smooth

Black smooth

Фотография кирпич Литос новый
Munich smooth

Brick of this type can be made both in a standard size of 250*120*65 mm, and in a variant of a narrow brick with dimensions of 250*60*65 mm. and tiles with a thickness of about 20 mm.

Assortment of new Litos Fashion Brick products

At the request of customers, it is possible to manufacture new products in a narrow brick size. Chipped texture and magma texture are available for pre-orders. It is possible to manufacture a new color range in shaped types of Litos bricks.

Litos Fashion Brick

Magma texture Kvadroblok - columned block

Litos Fashion Brick

Color Longbrick

Litos Fashion Brick

Citybrick color

Litos Fashion Brick

Color Munich

Litos Fashion Brick texture KRAFT

The latest line of popular facing material, Craft brick from the Litos factory. Renewal of the line of Litos Fashion Brick brick products. In the manufacture of craft bricks, manual labor is used.

Фотография Кирпич Литос крафтовая фактура цвет беж
Beig Craft
Фотография кирпич Литос крафтовая фактура цыет Амстердам
Amsterdam Craft
Фото Кирпич Литос крафтовая фактура цвет Амстердам
Londonbrick Craft
Фотография Кирпич Литос крафт чёрный
Black Craft
Фотография Кирпич Литос крафтовая фактура чёрный цвет
Citybrick Craft
Фотография Литос крафт Мюнхен
Munich Craft

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