Фото кладка скала беж

Brickwork lithos in the interior.

In order to create an original and unique interior indoors in the form of front (bare) brickwork, Litos building facing material is ideal for you.

Bare brickwork gained great popularity at a time when old industrial buildings were massively converted into elite residential premises, giving them an original style, the so-called “industrial aesthetics”.

Beautifully laid out brickwork can become an expressive decorative element in almost any interior. It will help to create the look of a real medieval castle in the room, it goes well with wood in the interior of a chalet (village house), and can also become a highlight when decorating in the style of an amazing loft. A modest-looking laying of ordinary ordinary brick will create a feeling of richness and uniqueness of the interior; against its background, the most ordinary dishes or furniture look simply luxurious.

The Litos trademark offers a wide range of facing building materials with which you can create an interior in gothic, ethnic or high-tech styles. There are different ways to implement this idea. So, during the construction of new buildings, you can leave some walls or partitions either completely or partially unplastered, and in old buildings, a layer of plaster is carefully removed from the walls and the masonry surface is restored using special mortars or grinding. Imitation of masonry on plaster also looks spectacular.

The most popular are facing bricks and Litos tiles with a unique texture and size. You can choose tiles or bricks in standard sizes, thin or narrow. Masonry can be made with bricks, both with a smooth and embossed surface under natural natural stone. Ordinary building or ordinary brick, when decorating, “eats up” the interior space of the room; it cannot boast of uniformity and color saturation. Decorative brickwork can be done in various ways, with different dressings and alternating textured and smooth bricks. Everything, first of all, depends on the style adhered to and the individual needs of the customer.

Currently, the most common types of decorative brickwork are: Dutch, chain, cross, Flemish, Gothic, Silesian, chaotic and others. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that all types of masonry are suitable and look spectacular indoors, some can be used exclusively for exterior cladding of facades. The main positive aspect of performing decorative masonry using Litos brick is its high durability, reliability, and environmental safety. It is completely harmless to humans, during operation it does not emit harmful substances and toxins, and due to its unique structure it is highly resistant to the formation of fungus and mold. Using facing bricks or Lithos tiles, you can make brickwork in a solid, restrained, artsy or primitive style, it all depends on your imagination.

If the brickwork plays the role of the main wall decoration, then the rest of the interior should be combined with it and complement it. If you decide to use brickwork in fragments or dosed (finish only one wall or a separate section of it), then on the contrary, the brick should be combined and complement the interior in color, texture and style. In any interior, a natural brick wall creates its own unique “live” atmosphere compared to painted plasterboard or ordinary wallpaper. This masonry leaves an imprint of time, it breathes antiquity and mystery. A wide range of Litos building materials, thanks to a large selection of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, will help you to realize almost any architectural and design fantasies. Litos products have consistently high quality, reliability and durability.