Фото компьютерный дизайн дома

Facing the house with Lithos brick.

The appearance of your future home directly depends on the previously selected facing material. You can argue for a long time about the styles and design of the future building, but the facing materials of the Litos factory will help you in any case when choosing any style or design. A variety of produced materials will satisfy every taste. The presence of textured products, shaped products for the embodiment of the most daring architectural ideas. The assortment of the plant includes bricks of different sizes and colors.

A long service life today can provide a house lined with bricks. A building lined with Lithos brick products is an expensive idea, but as noted above, it fully justifies its costs. It should also be noted that such a house is also just a beautiful building, it declares its originality and prestige of its owner. A brick house is resistant to many negative factors, these include all kinds of pests, weather conditions, temperature changes, it is worth noting that such a house is more fireproof than other analogues, environmentally friendly.

A house built of facing materials will be comfortable, durable, cozy, warm. Lithos cladding allows you to withstand many atmospheric phenomena, protecting the house and protecting it from the destructive effects of the external environment. Such a house will serve not only you, but also your children, and possibly their descendants.

The Lutuginsky plant of building materials today pays great attention to the production of efficient bricks, which have a void content of up to 45%. This provides Litos brick with low thermal conductivity and excellent heat-saving properties. The voids are produced in a round shape, which reduces stress inside the finished product. Such material not only has increased energy efficiency, but also has a lower weight of the product, which reduces the total weight of the finished structure and the load on the foundation. Hollow brick has a lot of advantages, among them are the speed of construction of the structure and the coupling between subsequent rows, the heat saving parameters already mentioned above, the possibility of delivering one more product by one unit of transport.

In more detail, the energy efficiency of Litos bricks can be noted. A wall built from such a material provides additional insulation to the building, due to the voidness of the facing material, and requires much less insulation of the building. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely eliminate the problem of heat savings due to cladding, and therefore such a building must be insulated. Heat losses can occur through the so-called cold bridges, which are located at the junctions of the brickwork, the seams between the bricks. Heat losses can be from 20 to 40%. It is impossible to completely avoid this, but it is worth paying attention to the insulation according to the “sandwich” principle, where there is a heater between the main wall and the facing material.

Thus, at the moment, more and more developers prefer brick cladding, preferring Litos cladding materials, despite the increased costs, as a result, much more benefits and savings are obtained in the future. The speed of construction of the building depends on the specific project. Basically, these are one-story cottages, the speed of their construction is much higher and less additional costs. Prestigiousness, reliability, convenience, quality, improved operational properties of Litos materials will delight you for many years after the completion of the construction of a cozy home.