Cooperation, dealership. Becoming a dealer of the Litos plant is profitable, promising, and reliable.

Изображение дилерство и сотрудничество

Our representative office offers you cooperation as a dealership, to become a distributor of the Litos trademark, which is engaged in the production of a wide range of facing building materials. In the production of Litos products, a unique technology of semi-dry hyperpressing is used. We offer cooperation for construction companies, architectural bureaus, we pay special attention to trade organizations, hardware stores and construction sites, individuals. We offer dealer prices, short delivery times, assistance in logistics, flexible terms of cooperation. From our side, samples of Litos products, advertising materials, necessary consultations and explanations about the sales system, according to the characteristics and parameters of the promoted products will be offered. The main requirements for a dealer are the desire to work and earn. We welcome decency, accuracy in mutual settlements, punctuality, efficiency. At any stage of dealer cooperation, we are ready to discuss the features and conditions of cooperation with a particular dealer. We treat each client and partner with the same attentive and respectful attitude, while not forgetting about individual needs and the specifics of work.

What do you need to become a dealer?

Becoming our partner and having the opportunity to purchase Litos facing materials is actually quite simple. You need to contact us by the type of communication convenient for you at the specified contacts. By phone or by correspondence, we will provide you with the information and advice you need to start. We will offer the best mode of operation that will suit all parties, taking into account all the wishes and nuances. Our company has its own logistics scheme for the supply of Litos facing materials to the dealer’s warehouse or directly to the construction site.

Картинка дилерство сотрудничество
Briefly consider the list of services provided to dealers:
картинка дилерство сотрудничество

– A full range of original products from the Litos factory.

– Retail price, valid in all regions and the same for all.

– Samples of products manufactured by the building materials plant Litos.

– Our advisory assistance in a number of issues and possible advertising support.

– Advertising and information materials (if any).

– Uninterrupted work of the manufacturer’s warehouse during the traditional working hours.

– Loading on trucks of our products next to your warehouses and facilities.

– Possibility of delivery by both road and railway transport.

Intermediaries, cooperation dealership

The opportunity to become an intermediary and attract new customers for a certain fee, both private and various organizations associated with the need to purchase our materials.

Welcome to our team, we will consider any proposals for cooperation in the sales of Litos building materials.

Изображение сотрудничество дилерство

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