Изображение красивый забор из кирпича Литос


Do you think there is a fashion for building materials, if so, what is relevant today?

Exploring the market for new cottage construction in Ukraine, Russia and other neighboring countries over the past 5 years, one can trace the following trend – the first place among building materials, however, as at all times, continues to be occupied by brick. In second place is aerated concrete, followed by a monolith and other building analogues. At the same time, brick does not lose its position as the most popular facing material.

Why is brick still a relevant facing material in many countries?

The most important advantage of this building material is its versatility, it can be used in any climate zone. Equally important is unpretentiousness. A house built of brick does not require frequent cosmetic repairs and does not need reconstruction for at least 100 years.

Facing brick TM “LITOS” elegantly complements any architectural style. Easily combined with other finishing materials, adding solidity and sophistication to any facade.

Cladding tile is rightfully an alternative to brick, which is by far the most cost-effective material for building cladding. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it saves space, ideal for interior and exterior decoration. Compared to brick, it is much cheaper, practically not inferior in performance.

How does TM “LITOS” differ from other brick manufacturers?

Facing bricks and tiles of TM “LITOS”, made by the method of semi-dry hyper-pressing, occupy a place between the best facing bricks and natural stone. It consists of limestone-shell rock, cement and sand with the addition of water and pigment. Therefore, the products of TM “LITOS” are distinguished by their special strength, high frost resistance and low thermal conductivity. Which in turn provides proper sound insulation and maintains a comfortable microclimate of your home in any weather.

At the same time, TM “LITOS” does not stop only at quality, but tries to offer the market a unique, unlike others, interesting assortment. Only “LITOS” has the ability to produce bricks with four front sides, which further emphasizes its ideal geometry. The presence in the assortment of a number of shaped elements and architectural structures allows you to create more modern, wide in architectural design, the beauty of which can only be compared with the Louvre or the Hermitage.