Фотография Выставка продукции Литос

About the plant Litos

Lutuginsky Plant of Building Materials LLC manufactures products under the Litos trademark. This enterprise is part of the Litos-Group corporation, which, along with other plants and enterprises, has been working in the field of mechanical engineering and construction for many years.

The main specialization of the Litos plant is the production of high-quality facing bricks. In this direction, the plant occupies a leading position in the construction market of Ukraine. The facing brick produced by the Litos plant has found wide application in various finishing works, both by private and state developers.

LLC “Lutuginsky plant of building materials” was put into operation in 2000. From the very moment the plant was opened, the production of textured and facing bricks began. Having its own raw material base, it allowed to significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, and the presence of its own machine-building plant “Standard” (Krasny Luch) as part of the Litos-Group corporation also ensured a continuous production cycle. The cost of lithos bricks is low, and the plant is always ready to produce batches of bricks of any volume under the order. All of the listed components of the success of the Litos plant fully affect the high demand for its products.

Currently, the Litos plant is a recognized authority in the field of facing bricks. It has its own raw material base of limestone-shell rock, located in the Georgievsky quarry. The Georgievsky Plant of Building Materials began to supply the first blocks made from this raw material back in 1952. They had high thermal insulation properties, excellent performance characteristics. Over the years of production of building materials, the Litos plant has constantly improved production technology, introducing new production equipment and innovative technologies, increasing the strength and reliability of its products. Thanks to their own scientific developments and the latest equipment, the specialists of the Litos plant managed to find the optimal solution, in which, using the existing raw material base, they still produce high-quality facing bricks using the hyperpressing method.

Due to the high quality of the products and the adequate price, the brick of the Litos trademark is supplied not only to all regions of Ukraine, but also to a number of CIS countries, near and far abroad (Norway, the Baltic countries). Lithos facing brick was used for the construction of modern buildings and structures of various functional purposes in the capital and major cities of Ukraine and Russia. Currently, the annual production of TM Litos is more than 100 million bricks. Particular attention is paid to quality, so all the products of the plant comply with DSTU B.V.2.7.-7-94, have a national certificate in the UkrSEPRO system, and also comply with the international product quality system ISO 9001:2000.

Since 2005, the Litos plant has mastered the production of hollow facing bricks. This brick is lighter, has improved thermal insulation characteristics, and has less weight on the foundation of the house. Lithos brick is produced both with a smooth front surface and textured (Rock, Chipped brick, Magma, Kraft). In the production of bricks, only high-quality environmentally friendly German-made dyes are used, which ensures a rich, uniform and stable color. The brick does not fade in the sun, does not fade under atmospheric action, retains stability and color saturation for almost the entire service life.

In addition to facing bricks, Lutuginsky Plant of Building Materials LLC offers all its customers high-quality modern paving slabs with a wide range of textures, shapes and colors.