Фотография Litos Fashion Brick магма мюнхен

Universal and unique lithos brick.

It’s not a secret for anyone that the brick of the Litos trademark is a modern universal material for construction.

Lithos brick has high environmental friendliness, excellent resistance to external atmospheric influences, low thermal conductivity, strength and durability. It has long been customary to associate a house built of brick with reliability and strength; for many, a brick house is desirable to this day.

When choosing lithos brick as a material for a house, it is necessary to take into account some of its features during construction.

Features of construction work with lithos bricks. In order to build brick houses, the availability of money and desire is not enough. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the type of soil and its features on which the house will be built directly. Brick is a fairly heavy building material, and therefore a brick house will also have a significant mass, regardless of whether hollow or solid brick is used, “effective” or solid masonry is performed. In any case, the construction of a brick house requires a heavy solid foundation with sufficient bearing capacity, strength, reliability and durability.

The foundation must be built thoroughly and in no case can it be light and shallowly buried. The depth of the foundation must be carried out below the freezing level of the soil in the construction region. If the construction is carried out on sandy sloping or swampy soils, it is necessary to provide additional measures to prevent possible sliding down the slope or sinking of the foundation of the building.

For these purposes, it is necessary to equip a very strong foundation, which can become very costly, which will make building in this place pointless. You should also not forget the fact that the shrinkage in time of a house built on clay soils can last up to a year after construction is completed, and on sandy soils this process ends immediately with the laying of the last brick.

Lithos brick has low thermal conductivity, which allows, with the correct calculation of wall thickness and high-quality construction, to achieve high thermal insulation characteristics and provide the house with reliable protection from almost any frost.

Here you may also encounter a problem when the calculated wall thickness is greater than the average, and therefore its calculated pressure on the foundation increases, which will entail additional construction costs to ensure sufficient stability and strength.

If the walls are not built very thick, then you can significantly reduce the load on the foundation, and as a result, reduce the cost of construction, but you can “lose” in the thermal insulation properties of the house. The “golden mean” can be the currently popular “efficient” masonry, in which space is left between the inner and outer adjacent walls for filling with various heat-insulating materials. This method of construction allows to reduce the thickness of the walls, reduce the pressure on the foundation, reduce the cost of construction, but not “lose” in heat and sound insulation properties.

A wide range of lithos bricks will allow you to build a warm, beautiful and reliable house, it will become indispensable both in the construction of structural walls and in finishing work.