Фото Кирпич Литос фасонный полукруг, цвет слоновая кость

Shaped brick Litos.

Is it possible to build a round wall from rectangular bricks? Of course, yes, if the wall has a slight smooth curve.

And if the radius of curvature of the wall is small? It’s also possible. To do this, it is necessary to cut the bricks in such a way that a so-called pyramid is obtained. But this is a very labor intensive and long process. In addition, you will not be able to cut the same large amount of bricks. In this case, the concept of “handmade” is not an indicator of its quality. Many professional builders figured this out a long time ago. In order to build high-quality and beautiful buildings and structures with a non-rectilinear (rounded) shape, with certain curve radii, it used to be necessary to order special batches of pyramidal bricks. For each specific construction object, a special batch was ordered. Initially, for the construction of rounded shapes, they used a special shaped brick in the form of a pyramid or a sector of a circle. Such a brick began to be called figured.

Currently, the concept of “shaped brick” covers a whole range of products that have a different shape and different purposes. You can often find beautiful door or window openings lined with brick with a cut or rounding. This brick also applies to shaped. Such a brick has been widely used not only for decorating window openings, but also in the construction of fences, corners of buildings, arches, etc. Nowadays, all bricks that have a non-standard shape are called shaped.

In addition, shaped bricks also include bricks that have a non-standard texture of the outer surfaces. This shaped brick has an original texture, a wide variety of shades. Basically, shaped brick is used for facing masonry, it has an attractive appearance and does not require any additional processing (plastering, painting, whitewashing). Recently, the use of glazed bricks has become popular.

This brick is a unique finishing material, which is made according to the principle of ceramic tiles and has a smooth glazed surface. This brick looks spectacular on the facades of buildings, with it you can visually divide a large wall of the house into sectors. In some cases, glazed bricks are used by designers to create original mosaic panels both inside and outside the building. Glazed bricks can be produced in standard sizes as well as in any shape and size. Regardless of the size and shape of glazed bricks, its entire range is considered a shaped product.

Without exception, all shaped bricks, as well as ordinary ones, undergo the appropriate certification. They must meet all the required quality standards, as well as ordinary building bricks. Currently, there is a huge selection of all kinds of shaped bricks. You can purchase any batch of shaped bricks, and if necessary, order a brick of an individual shape and size. Modern high-tech equipment allows us to fulfill any whims of customers, to produce bricks of almost any shape, texture and color.

The Litos trademark offers all its customers shaped bricks of the four most popular and demanding types – cornice, small semicircle, semicircle and drop. All bricks are presented in rich colors.